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Wed., Apr. 23
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Lies, lies, lies

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To The Editor:

The Obama administration, and especially Obama, have lied to the American public since being elected five years ago. Everybody knows the joke, “how do you know when Obama is lying? When his lips are moving.” That’s the answer. This is no joke. This is serious.

He has lied about his place of birth, Benghazi, “Fast and Furious” gun running, the IRS targeting conservative groups for political reasons, NSA tapping every phone call citizens make and store for future use, and now the unconstitutional Obamacare law that nobody read, cost the taxpayers billions of dollars and clearly doesn’t work. Obama admits to a “few little glitches.”

Everybody is losing the hospital plan they like and were told they could keep. Obama knew this from the start, as it was planned that way to control the masses, to force people to pay more to finance medical care for welfare and illegal aliens in our now-overloaded system. They have also stolen millions from Social Security to pay for it. Socialism doesn’t work, but Obama will make it work with our money until there is nothing left.

It’s funny that the people promoting Obamacare are not on it. They make $150,000 to $200,000 a year, and are on an all-paid medical plan paid for by the people they are trying to get into Obamacare. They can well afford to pay for their own medical plan, and pay nothing. Why? Are they better than the citizen taxpayer?

I would like to see a big debate on CBS, the liberal propaganda station, with Obama with no teleprompters and his henchmen, Biden, Pelosi, Holder, Sebelius, Hillary Clinton and Harry Reed. The other side would be the Tea Party, Cruz, Lee, Rand Paul and a few real conservatives with backbone to stand up to these socialists.

We should also invite two or three people from Gitmo who are experts in water boarding to give everybody a demonstration on how to get lying politicians to tell the truth. You would be amazed to know how many lies Obama and company have told us. I’ll bet it wouldn’t be hard to find people to carry the water for this operation.

And for the people who voted for Obama a second time, what were you thinking?

If these so-called leaders in the Democratic Party were working for private industry, they would be fired for their crimes. Why aren’t these people exposed and prosecuted as they should be? It’s likely that Holders is in bed with Obama.

Write or call your senators and congressmen to state your views on this. It’s not going to get any better until you do something about it.

William Bartlett


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