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Fri., Apr. 18
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The angry white man responds

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To The Editor:

Mr. Joe Liotta, you seem obsessed with hate. For a Democrat attack dog, you need to lighten up.

I know your kind isn’t happy unless you’re attacking the messenger. I see you’re still having a problem striking up for your useless, incompetent president and his big, useless Commie government. I thought I covered my anger issues with you Democrats. You Democrats discriminated against all white men with your Commie affirmative-action laws. Those laws went against the Constitution; we’re getting used to you Democrats going against the Constitution. The Democrats’ Commie racial laws also went against the Constitution, and the only ones prosecuted for racial crimes are white men. When this happens, the white men are tried twice, which is unconstitutional.

Liotta, I don’t know if you’re stupid or what, but Gandhi lived in India. Liotta, in your letter you mentioned some good men. But I’m a real American with real American heroes. I’ll mention a few: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Sen. Joe McCarthy, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Gen. George Patton, my brother, Irwin Shaver Sr., and my son, Keith Shaver Jr.

Liotta, you don’t seem to have much regard for another citizen’s military service. That’s OK. I find that a lot with your kind.

I still don’t have a clue if you are one of Obama’s illegal alien buddies. Liotta, you hide behind your smoke and mirrors well. For all I know you could have served in the Uganda National Guard.

Liotta, you’ve used God several times in your letters. I think it’s hypocritical of you to mention God. I presume you’re a Democrat. I watched the last Democratic National Convention. The baby killers, the atheists and druggies voted God off the Democrats’ platform. It took the handlers at least two more votes to get God back on the platform. You take that an Obama’s war with the Church, and I don’t see how a Christian could ever vote for a Democrat unless you agree with their barbarian policies.

Now, Liotta, remember that anger isn’t always a bad thing. Anger can keep you focused on things that may or have hurt you. In some cases it reminds you who you are and what you stand for. It could also give purpose to your life.

I can only hope American moves back toward freedom this year. There is hope. A recent poll has 72 percent of Americans feeling threatened by Obama’s big, useless, out-of-control government.

I hope all you real Americans and real Christians, and especially you angry white men, had a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Keith Shaver Sr.

Combat Veteran Patriot


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