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Ignorance is bliss seems to be calling card for supporters of the Obama Administration


Letter To The Editor:

Let me begin by adjusting the level of discourse to insure that my infantile - childish antagonists can understand:

Oh Yeah...?

Well, I’m rubber and you’re glue - what you say bounces off me, and sticks to you.

“Et Tu” Joe? It’s hard to “take it on the chin” when I’m being stabbed in the back. It just means that you get to be tared by the same liberal brush. Most of our past interactions have dealt with political opinions - but now you’ve stooped to the same low personal level as imagined by an ultra-liberal blowhard. Remember too Joe, if you lie down with dogs, you’re bound to get up with fleas.

Whoever - man or woman - coined the phrase, “ignorance is bliss” must be certain that our liberals in the north country are a happy group indeed. Like the song, “Johnny Only Note” as soon as anyone challenges the failed (and failing) foreign and domestic policies of the Obama administration they trot out the “What about Bush?” placards. I’d like to know at what point in this president’s tenure does he begin to assume some responsibility for - say: fast and furious, IRS, Benghazi, Syria, Iran’s nuclear approval, Obama Care and the resurgence of the Taliban and spread of radical Muslimism in Africa and throughout the Mid East?

In my opinion we (the U.S.) are currently governed by a trinity of deceivers (Obama/Reid/Pelosi) backed by a quartet of quislings (Holden/Hillary/Kerry/Lerner). Even some well-meaning liberals (...there must be a few) must have been squirming in embarrassment at the sight of the President (after finagling with definitions, suspense dates and numbers) took a “victory lap” on TV for speciously meeting an alleged 7.1 million “goal” of uninsured Americans signed up for “affordable care.” Let’s see, hmmmmm...42 million uninsured Americans (their own beginning estimate) minus 7.1 alleged participants...leaves...34.9 million uninsured Americans. That would hardly seem worthy of a victory lap.

Working together, and without a virtually invisible and self-serving Congress to challenge them, this governing group has managed to sidestep and avoid the constitutionally established. Separation of Powers “relying on a compliant Attorney General (AG) to fly cover for them. “Contempt of Congress?” bet. In fact contempt of Congress is not just a legal charge, it has become “contempt for Congress;” it’s a reality and a way of doing business for this group. I believe we are witnessing a devolution of democracy in our country with an enormous government ($17 trillion in debt and growing) becoming more and more intrusive into every facet of our lives. How about the feds armed muscle-flexing in Nevada this past week?; using the pretext of saving tortoises (snail darters?) animals they are already euthanizing as being overstocked, in a federally-established tortoise-habitat in Las Vegas.

Armed interference and intimidation, shades of Ruby Ridge and Waco...why? - control, of course. (Yes, I know that Bush was President for Waco, but Clinton bears the onus of Ruby Ridge. My point in this instance is that it’s yet another example of abuse of our freedoms by federal agencies and it continues under the aegis of this administration. For every time the liberals try to play the Bush administration card, I can raise the ante with the Carter administration and then trump the whole lot with the ineptness and amateurishness of the Obama administration, complete with his list of Czars.

With the coming of fall elections brace yourself for continuing calls from the ruling triumvirate and their quisling diverters with charges of; “race card,” “war on women”, “voters fraud”, “gender and pay equity”...sound familiar already? All of these charges against conservatives have been debunked and shown to be what they are - attempts to distract the attention of the American public from the failure of this administration to deal with the real crises facing our nation.

In Mr. McGee’s “last letter” (hopefully) he notes that he and his father have both served the nation, were honorably discharged and that he is as patriotic as “any damn conservative(s)”. I don’t doubt that possibility one bit, in fact, I congratulate him and his father on their service; however, I don’t know where the topic came from in the first place. The topic was certainly not broached by me. I never challenged the man, his service, his personality, the condition of his soul or any other aspect of his being. The only insult I cast his way was to categorize him as a liberal, and thereby question, by inference, his intelligence. I take it as another example of this typically, liberal, moronic mental meandering which could have led to the malicious attempt to defame me to begin with.

“Ignorance is bliss,” the term connotes a state where a lack of knowledge avoids knowing something unpleasant; in McGee’s case, reality. Thank God we remain a nation of laws even though his administration picks and chooses which ones to enforce and which to overlook, including their own Affordable Care Act. At a citizen’s level it is still possible to seek redress when unfairly attacked by those who would cavalierly seek to denigrate has been the case with the leftist blowhard, vis-a-vis myself.

I invite any lawyer, so inclined, to contact me in re. a defamation suit... for any resulting proceeds.

PJ Murphy

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