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Tue., Jun. 2
Serving the communities of Massena and Potsdam, New York
Should Gov. Andrew Cuomo unilaterally raise the minimum wage for fast-food employees?
Number of votes cast: 553
How should the process of obtaining pistol permits in New York state be revised?
Number of votes cast: 168
Will Gov. Andrew Cuomo's trip to Cuba benefit New York state?
Number of votes cast: 163
What is your opinion of parents who opt their children out of taking standardized tests?
Number of votes cast: 156
Have you filed your income tax return yet?
Number of votes cast: 134
Is the $1.4 billion increase in the state budget sufficient to improve public education?
Number of votes cast: 114
What do you think of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's ethics reform plan?
Number of votes cast: 106
What should be done with the Watertown Municipal Arena?
Number of votes cast: 212
How should Congress resolve the Department of Homeland Security funding situation?
Number of votes cast: 250
Should the children of undocumented immigrants be denied a public education?
Number of votes cast: 236
Should the state continue to fund sheltered worksops like Production Unlimited?
Number of votes cast: 171
What should be done to help north country school districts listed by state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli as being susceptible to fiscal stress?
Number of votes cast: 236
How effective will Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's proposals for ethics reform in state government be?
Number of votes cast: 168
Who should be the speaker of the state Assembly?
Number of votes cast: 153
Should New York mandate sprinkler systems in new homes?
Number of votes cast: 279
What's the most important issue that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo should address in his upcoming State of the State address?
Number of votes cast: 142
What was the biggest story for Northern New York in 2014?
Number of votes cast: 249
What is your most important New Year's resolution for 2015?
Number of votes cast: 145
What are your favorite holiday traditions?
Number of votes cast: 132
What's left on your Christmas to-do list?
Number of votes cast: 107
Will SUNY's new sexual assault policy be effective?
Number of votes cast: 97
Where should a dog park in Watertown be located?
Number of votes cast: 163
What are you most thankful for this year?
Number of votes cast: 222
The state will provide funding for the Jericho Rise Wind Farm in Franklin County. Is this a good idea?
Number of votes cast: 334
Now that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has won a second term in office, what issue will he pursue first?
Number of votes cast: 227
Residents last week voted overwhelmingly against a proposal for the Canton and Potsdam Central School districts to merge. What do you believe will be the result of this?
Number of votes cast: 85
What is the biggest issue that needs to be addressed in next week's general election?
Number of votes cast: 164
A Watertown native is suing the DEA for using her name and photos on a false Facebook site. What are your thoughts on this?
Number of votes cast: 222
Are local hospitals prepared for any cases of Ebola?
Number of votes cast: 170
School officials in Canton and Potsdam will soon make public presentations about a potential merger between their two districts. Do you support or oppose the idea of consolidating school systems in rural areas?
Number of votes cast: 201
A man who arrived in Dallas, Texas from Liberia on September 20 has become the first person in the U.S. to be diagnosed with Ebola. How concerned are you about a widespread outbreak in the U.S.?
Number of votes cast: 183
A new flow plan is set to replace a 50-year-old water regulation plan for Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River, but some criticize the proposal because of increased risk of flooding and coastal property damage. What do you think?
Number of votes cast: 238
Speaker John Boehner is backing President Barack Obama's plan to arm and train vetted Syrian rebels to fight Islamic State forces. What do you think?
Number of votes cast: 98
Ray Rice was suspended from the NFL indefinitely after a new video emerged about a violent incident with his then-fiancee. Is the league doing enough to help curb domestic violence among its players?
Number of votes cast: 119
Are you planning to vote in Tuesday's primary election?
Number of votes cast: 83
Congressional hopeful Elise Stefanik (R) recently walked away from press while being asked how she defines "near retirement" in regard to preserving benefits for seniors. Do you think this is important?
Number of votes cast: 66
Summer is winding down and Labor Day is upon us. Do you have any end-of-the-season plans this weekend?
Number of votes cast: 75
The police shooting of an unarmed teen in Ferguson, MO and the ensuing protests and rioting has spurred a lot of media coverage in the last week. Do you think there has been too much coverage?
Number of votes cast: 319
Following the death of Robin Williams, there is much discussion of depression and suicide. Have you or has anyone close to you dealt with severe depression?
Number of votes cast: 111
Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed bills Monday that make it a felony to assault a crossing guard or a city Housing Authority worker. Do you think this legislation is warranted?
Number of votes cast: 127
Months after ordering an investigation to root out corruption in Albany, Gov. Cuomo disbanded the Moreland Commission. There are allegations that he interfered with investigations of his office and allies. Do you think further investigation is needed?
Number of votes cast: 188
Gov. Rick Perry (R-Tex.) said he plans to send as many as 1,000 National Guard troops to secure the Texas Border with Mexico. What do you think we should do about illegal immigration?
Number of votes cast: 171
Digital lives can often seem rather concealed from loved ones due to the closed nature of digital devices and social media. Would you ever browse a significant other's phone or computer to check up on his or her activity?
Number of votes cast: 77
A proposal to have a dedicated dog park set up in Watertown at Thompson Park has been denied by the city council. Do you support the creation of a dog park?
Number of votes cast: 159
The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that family-owned and closely held companies may refuse to provide insurance coverage to employees for some methods of birth control. Do you think this was the right decision?
Number of votes cast: 213
The North Country Library System has continued to advance e-book availability despite the higher cost, citing its goal of providing widespread access to information. Which do you prefer, printed or electronic books, magazines, etc.?
Number of votes cast: 91
With the recent turmoil in Iraq, there is talk of renewed involvement by the United States. How much should we get involved?
Number of votes cast: 135
According to ABC News, there is a rise in couples signing social media prenups limiting what information each can post online, and violations can cost thousands. Have you or your partner ever posted anything too personal or unflattering on social media?
Number of votes cast: 63
A NYC restaurant asked patrons in April to remove their Google Glass headgear, citing customers' privacy concerns as the impetus of the request, but Google Glass fans have taken offense. What do you think?
Number of votes cast: 69
Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak publicly posted on Twitter that he believes "global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists." He says he was joking. Should he be fired for his statement?
Number of votes cast: 213
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